Big Sky

Every day, I face many certainties: Sam will need to be walked.   Roger and I will become happier citizens of the world after a cup of coffee. The skies of Dartmoor will amaze and delight with a near constant dramatic change of cloud and light. I will want to capture this visual splendour and will not have a camera with me.

These are all truths.

I decided recently to dedicate myself to record, even if in some small manner, the sky-y thing that happens here on Dartmoor. For a week, I carried with me a camera at all times and took hundreds of photos of the sky. Sometimes, I was walking. More perilously, I was driving. At these times, if the light seemed just right, I would quickly pull over to any available lay-by, get out of the car and snap a picture.

More certainties: I am not a photographer. I have only my click and shoot camera or my phone. Both serve me well. These photos do not do the sky and its magic show any justice.

But, to quote Kate Bush, “I’m looking at the Big Sky.” Enjoy.

Dartmoor SkiesDartmoor SkiesDartmoor SkiesDartmoor SkiesDartmoor SkiesDartmoor Skies

Sometimes the fog descends, hiding all the tors.

Sometimes the fog descends, hiding all the tors.

And sometimes there are no clouds to be seen.

And sometimes there are no clouds to be seen.

Dartmoor Skies

A middle of the day break in the snow fall.

A middle of the day break in the snow fall.

Dartmoor Skies



Dartmoor Skies

Snowy clouds.

Snowy clouds.

Sunny with clouds.

Sunny with clouds.

A frosty dawn.

A frosty dawn.

A rainbow in the distance.

A rainbow in the distance.

We're looking at the big sky....

We’re looking at the big sky….

28 comments on “Big Sky

  1. says:

    Lovely x

    Sent from my HTC

  2. Andrea says:

    Stunning photos, I love the Dartmoor landscape. xx

  3. Ann Dawney says:

    Fabulous pics Catherine! Are you a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society? I think you would enjoy it. This year I forsook the splendid BBC Wildlife calendar for the Cloud App Soc one, and it is truly wonderful.

  4. Mary Ann says:

    Beautiful!! So gorgeous!!

  5. Lovely photos – thnx! Are you guys anywhere near the Vixen Tor? We follow the “Over the Hills” blog of “stravaigerjohn” on WordPress, whose post today complains bitterly about the land’s new owners denial of access by walkers to this beautiful rock formation.

  6. Dana Crowe says:

    Beautiful photos. Except for that weird one at the end!


  7. Beautiful photos! Absolutely lovely!

  8. RobP says:

    Beautiful photographs! The sky and lighting can make a massive difference to the feel of being outdoors. I like the early mornings in the Winter in a cold clear day. The long shadows and orange light really make the Moor come alive!

    • Thanks Rob. You are right about the lighting making such a difference about the mood and sense of space outdoors. The same landscape changes as the light changes. Never boring and always spectacular.

  9. Julia Osborne says:

    Beautiful photos! Makes me want to be there!

  10. Wow. Fabulous range of colours and moods in those pictures 😊

    • Thank you. It was a fun adventure to decide to always have my camera because the skies and landscapes constantly change up in mood and colour. Hard to photograph them all, and the amazing ones I’ve missed for not having a camera. Well, they are just in my mind’s eye I guess.

  11. jllevitan says:

    Wow! All in one week. That’s quite a variety. Lovely! I must confess that my favorite is the one of you and Roger.

  12. Paul Blaney says:

    Was that final shot taken with an extendable selfie grip?

  13. Your photos are beautiful, thank you for sharing. I love how you’ve captured the sky under so many different themes. It looks like you used a proper camera, too and not just a smart phone, which is what so many people do these days.

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