Back To The Future


As a dedicated list maker, there is no greater thrill than creating and organizing my annual “resolutions” list.   Last year I resolved to carry on as I had the year before, which was reassuringly simple and a bit of a cop-out.   Did I take time to reflect on the past, let alone plan for the future?

As the new year draws near, I enjoy the build up by listening to radio and reading newspaper highlights wrapping up the year: the goings-on of famous people, ground breaking discoveries, all the names of bands and books yet to discover, and of course, the helpful Things To Avoid List. Following these is an absolute must. For what would the start of the New Year be without examining successes and failures of others and ourselves in order to resolve to be better in the future? Across the world, millions of these little goals will be made and a good many broken. I know I’ve done it.

The more I think about it, resolutions aren’t really about making big changes. The resolutions for many people involve big items such as to get out of debt, quit smoking, loose weight, get organized, stop biting nails, get a better job, stop being so grumpy, get smarter or do something good for the world. But, I prefer to think of resolutions as simple intentions whereby I gain focus on and renew a commitment for how I choose to live.

With 2015 fast upon us, I am taking the time to look back on my list of resolutions from the past years, tweak them a bit, and present how I intend to kick off the New Year.

  1. Keep my health in order. Yes, the nutrition, exercise and alcohol consumption make appearances on most people’s resolution list, so I’m not alone. I’m not making any changes, just hoping to be mindful of what I eat, drink and do to stay strong and healthy.
  2. Make music every day. Maybe I can find a piano locally or learn a new instrument. If nothing else, I’m determined to continue singing aloud when I’m doing projects with apologies to Roger and Sam.
  3. Continue to keep family and friends in the foreground. If possible, more visits with long-time friends throughout the globe.
  4. Creatively document life through art, photos, and writing.
  5. Keep our home improvement project list manageable. The Crockern list is at times daunting, so I’m busy making lists of the lists as a way to have it seem more bite size.
  6. Always tell myself the truth and avoid trying to kid myself and live authentically and honestly.
  7. Be scared and brave more often.
  8. On a daily basis, rediscover my purpose and joy.
  9. Remember the happy and the half-full glass in all things. Throw in a daily belly laugh for good measure.
  10. Organize our closets – they are a mess!

So there it is, a simple and doable list. Of course, I’d love to know what’s on your list. Care to share?



14 comments on “Back To The Future

  1. Ann Dawney says:

    Oh Catherine, what a facer! My sister and I, as children used to bulk out our list by adding such holy resolutions as ‘I must be kind to animals.’ This didn’t involve a great deal of effort….
    As I always find it easier to address other people’s questions than answer my own, I wonder if you have ever tried playing the ukulele?

  2. Jim Charlton says:


    Happy New Year


    Sent from my iPhone


  3. wisejourney says:

    Wonderful thoughts. . May I wish you a happy new year

  4. jllevitan says:

    Great list! I’m not one for introspection but you’ve inspired me. Here’s are my list: 1.Get rid of stuff we have – look at it “postmortemistically” as Roz Chast says (sadly we have just acquired MORE stuff that belonged to Alan’s mom). 2. Buy less new stuff.

  5. Dana Crowe says:

    Happy New year to you and Roger! Love, Dana

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. Mitchel says:

    Happy New Year!

  7. hilary scotcher says:

    Happy new year Catherine, Roger and Sam xxx

    My list:

    Continue to remember the things that make me happy.

    Only do what I can manage (which will not be everything I want to do).

    Eat for health- not for something to do!

    Pitch at at least 2 car boots in the summer to help unclutter my home and my head.

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