Rosie’s Big Adventure

Whether or not we’re ready, summer is beginning to ease into autumn.  Crisp morning air, earlier arriving sunsets and a bumper crop of late summer vegetables are just some of the signs.   We all know it too:  the swallows are organizing in preparation for their imminent departure south and our chickens are heading to bed before we encourage them to do so.  Just the other day, there was a discussion on the radio about when one should turn on one’s central heating.  Our own recent discussion on this point, is when will the plumber arrive to install our new boiler?

This turn in season is marked also by the drop in visitors, both to our house and along the footpath toward Wistman’s Woods.  Over the summer, we were abuzz with visits from friends and family.  There was a range of ages, and every one’s kid helped with walking Sam, feeding the chickens, putting out bird feeders and even working in the garden.  Our youngest visitor was Rosie.

When Roger and I met in the Canadian Arctic, we met several other fine people, including Greg.  He, his wife Anita, and their daughter Rosie returned again this summer for what is now an annual visit to Crockern.

Rosie, aged 2.5 years, spent a full day exploring Crockern and its surrounds.  After a stiff walk up on the Moors, she got stuck in with some gardening and animal husbandry.  She helped walk Sam, fed the chickens, and looked for eggs before turning her attentions to the garden.  Like anyone at that age, she is tireless and I’m not certain there were enough potatoes to keep her busy as it took four adults just to keep up!

Thanks to Greg, the following blog is a photo essay of Rosie’s big day out at Crockern.  As soon as she learns how to plaster and swing a hammer, we may have a few more projects requiring her assistance.  Then again, she’s very handy in the garden, so we might just leave her to that!

Meet Rosie and how she takes a walk on the moors.  She rides on her Dad's shoulders.

Meet Rosie and how she takes a walk on the moors. She rides on her Dad’s shoulders.

Taking care of Sam and showing him the river.

Taking care of Sam and showing him the river.

Feeding the chickens before looking for eggs.

Feeding the chickens before looking for eggs.

Finding Eggs!

Finding Eggs!

Learning how to find potatoes.

Learning how to find potatoes.

Rosie perfecting her digging technique.

Rosie perfecting her digging technique.

Taking inventory on the newly dug potatoes.

Taking inventory on the newly dug potatoes.

Rosie and the Onion

Selecting the perfect onion.

And when it's all said and done, who doesn't love a nap?

And when it’s all said and done, who doesn’t love a nap?


27 comments on “Rosie’s Big Adventure

  1. Greg Caras says:

    Wonderful stuff Catherine.

    Rosie is now Internet famous! I can’t wait to show her when I get home from work.

    I will forward to all family/friends etc and you might get a few more readers to your growing numbers!

    By the way, its still Greg with one G!

    Greg x

    Sent from my iPad

    • Thank you Greg. I hope Rosie is pleased with her Blog-Debut! Yours, too. I love that photo of the two of you walking across Dartmoor, sunglasses — that’s right, sunglasses! — firmly in place. Thanks for sharing your photos and the blog, too. C x

  2. meryscarsa says:

    It must be a great expirience for her!! Good photos.

  3. Sue says:

    Greggybaby AND baby! So nice to see–who would have imagined, what are we, eight years on?

  4. Ann Dawney says:

    Aaaaah! Rosie is great! I want more. But just wait until our Daisy fetches up at Crockern!

  5. Donna says:

    She is too cute! Looks like she had a great time. One of these days we are coming for a visit! Miss you. Sending love.

  6. Brenda Skinner says:

    How charming! She could be a good motivator to other visitors, no?

  7. Susanne says:

    wow. your life.

  8. vuchickens says:

    Very adorable! I love how much they enjoy helping at that age. Best time to teach them practical life work!

  9. Lovely post. Nothing like setting 2.5-year olds to work with mud, straw and water! RH

  10. jllevitan says:

    At the risk of being redundant – delightful!

  11. Paul Blaney says:

    What a cutie, and useful too! Those are some good-looking chickens too. You should send an entry for next year’s Great Allentown Fair.

  12. She’s adorable, truly adorable.

  13. […] daughter Rosie, have come to visit for a day. Last year, I posted a photo blog of Rosie’s visit. ( This past August, they came for their annual visit and Rosie immediately put herself into the role […]

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